Business plan on plantain flour production

Oyster Farming Yam Cultivation Yam is another tuber crop that is cultivated majorly in Africa, South American and in most countries of the world. Yams can be eaten when cooked, fried and as flours et al.

Business plan on plantain flour production

Yarrow is an antiviral herb frequently recommended by herbalists for cold and flu symptoms. Please note, not to be used when pregnant. Read more Yarrow can be bought loose, dried and ground or as a tincture liquid extracts from herbalists and online shops.

If loose, use yarrow, peppermint and elderflower to create a powerful anti-viral tea. Peppermint is also a great herb for the chest and will be useful to help with a lingering cough. Other ways to ingest the herb are to boil the herbs in water, remove from the heat and then inhale the steam.

Yarrow is an extremely versatile herb, perfect as an immune booster or digestive aid. It helps to ease upset stomachs, particularly diarrhoea, heavy menstrual bleeding, and can help to strengthen the skeletal structure. Traditional uses include inserting a fresh leaf in the affected nostril to stop a nosebleed.

To sooth the respiratory tract, combine yarrow with a mucilaginous tissue soothing herb such as marshmallow root or liquorice root. For personalised advice, which is always best, consult a Herbalist.

A Herbalist who has also trained as a Naturopath is additionally qualified to provide dietary and lifestyle advice. Herbal Medicine is the use of medicinal herbs to promote good health. It has a long tradition in all cultures and research has proven its huge benefits.

business plan on plantain flour production

Herbs for Everyday Living here. How can I keep up my protein levels on a vegetarian diet? If you eat dairy or eggs you are likely to be getting ample protein in your diet.

For strict vegetarians or vegans, there is plenty of protein in combining nuts, legumes, seeds and grains. There are surprising amounts in some vegetables too! Protein is made up of amino acids which help perform many functions in the body.

Read more A vegetarian diet may mean you have lowered intake of certain amino acids; lysine, methionine and tryptophan. Making sure you have the four different types of the major vegetarian protein sources through the day will help keep your amino acid ratio more favourable.

Ideally as a vegetarian you should be soaking your beans and nuts to reduce unwanted phytochemical and maximise absorption. As with any diet, focus on whole, organic foods. Aim for grams of protein per day for a healthy person. This tip is brought to you by Gemma Hurditch, Naturopath.

Stay Hydrated - Kids How can I ensure that my children stay well hydrated during the hotter months? For some children, drinking water is not a natural habit, but it can be encouraged. Kids generally respond well to exploring, learning and then putting into practice their new understanding, rather than drinking water just as a directive from you.

Read more Depending on their ages, could you investigate with them the importance of water and what it does for the body? Other encouraging ideas include sticker charts for each glass drunk. Whenever you think it appropriate, a reward for drinking their quota might be purchasing a drink bottle of their choice, or another small incentive such as getting to choose which park to visit.

Rewards such as chocolate or money are not helpful. Adding half water to fresh juices and smoothies, offering watery fruits like watermelon, and serving cooled herbal teas such as peppermint can also increase their fluid intake.

Adding sliced fruit and herbs to drinking water can also improve compliance! Pick this wild herb for more energy. Read more Pick them fresh, wearing gloves to avoid their sting, and pick from a place where there are no contaminants, avoiding the roadside or anywhere that might have been sprayed.

Nettles lose their sting when heated, and you can cook and eat them like spinach, or make nettle tea to drink daily. If left overnight and you wish to drink it warm, simply add more hot water in the morning.

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With the powdered nettle, add a teaspoonful into a smoothie. See your health professional for personalised advice.The economy of Puerto Rico is classified as a high income economy by the World Bank and as the most competitive economy in Latin America by the World Economic Forum.

The main drivers of its economy are manufacturing, primarily pharmaceuticals, textiles, petrochemicals, and electronics; followed by the service industry, notably finance, insurance, real estate, and tourism. How To Start Plantain Flour Production In Nigeria July 21, Business 3 Comments Plantain is a major staple food widely grown and consumed in Nigeria and other African countries because of its high nutritional value.

Read to know more details about plantain flour production in Nigeria and find out good ideas for this kind of businesss. Today, the production of plantain flour is a perfect solution in cases of the surplus fruit or tainted fruit. READ ALSO: Plantain farming business plan. Niacin is the only vitamin vital for the synthesis of male and.

Another secret cash machine that people tend to ignore is plantain farming in Nigeria. We want to look into it today to see how it works.

Plantain is very easy to cultivate and maintain unlike other cash crops that requires so much time and money to maintain.

The major machinery and equipment for production of plantain flour are:Dryer,plantain slicer,Hammer mill with cyclone,Vibro sifter,soaking tanks and packaging machine. The machineries can be fabricated locally to reduce cost production by Over 20%.

Maize products are widely used in the production of livestock feed, although wheat can also be used. This is the reason America is the largest producer of maize products, accounting for 32% of the total maize crops produced worldwide in alone, followed by China.

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