Essays death loved one

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Essays death loved one

Emotion Even an author of Dynamics of Grief: It can be easy to sedate yourself with distractions such as alcohol, oversleeping, and any others habit that threatens your well being and this will leave you to addiction and confusion. You will never truly heal until you confront the loss and what it means to you personally.

Also if you not face the loss, it will bring more serious problems later, including depression, trauma and addictions. Even if Essays death loved one are hurting, you also need to start working out how to cope and find resilient pathways through your pain and loss. One of the best ways is by accepting that God loved him or her more.

Second, you can share your feeling with others such as your best friend, your close relatives or counselor. You are suffering and it is okay to seek out people who will take care of you. I have an experience in losing the one I loved which my younger brother. My parents fight all the time because we all cannot accept that he is already gone forever.

I keep all the emotions inside; shock, sadness, guilt, anger, and fear. But, thank God, I got this friend that understands me more than myself.

She make talked and cried to let out all the pain that I keep inside. She makes me accept that God loved my brother more, so He takes him to live with Him in heaven. She always beside me to supported and listened. Now I can accept what happened rationally. Talk to someone you trust in order to allowing yourself the space to think out loud and dumping out some of the pain you are experiencing.

Other than that, you can distract yourself by getting busy and occupying in tasks that require a different focus.

Essays death loved one

You give yourself a break from constantly ruminating over the loss because too many thoughts going around your head.

While work or studies can provide some relief from the constant thoughts about loss, do not simply rely on your routine to distract yourself or you risk feeling that there is only work and sorrow and nothing in between.

Help yourself with happier pursuits by doing something that gives you peace. There are all sorts of possibilities such as gardening, cooking, fishing, listening to your favorite music, writing and so on. Choose whatever calms you and gives you a sense of joyful achievement.

By distracting yourself, that also gives you the space to realize that there are good things about your world still and life does go on.

Perhaps involve yourself with social work.


Consider volunteering as one possibility. If you like children, helping with young children who display lots of spontaneity and laughter may serve to soothe you. But when those senses weaken another heightens. Memory becomes your partner. Not everyone will heal right away, and then again, not everyone will be morbidly upset either.

Remember that every person feels differently. This usually shows how close you and the loved one really were. The Dynamics of Grief:Even an author of Dynamics of Grief: Its Source, Pain, and Healing said that “While the pain of your loss is real and must be felt, there will come a time when you must begin to live your own life again and accepting the death as a reality” (Switzer, ) First, you need to face [ ].

The death of a loved one is a tremendous loss for a child-they lose a family member, a constant companion, and often a best friend. Younger children may not understand what death really means and may be confused about why their brother or sister died.

On November 9, , my best friend was pronounced dead due to asphyxiation caused by a drug overdose. Desmond Miller Harris was one of the thousands of people in the United States who died in the year from a drug overdose. Depending on the person and the situation, losing a .

Essays death loved one

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