Explode the moment writing activity 2nd

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Explode the moment writing activity 2nd

Have students continue brainstorming memorable moments see end of Session 3 for five to ten minutes. Then have students circle their top three moments and share them with a partner. Partners should help each other choose the moment that would make the best topic of a descriptive narrative.

Have students use the "Explode the Moment" graphic organizer to plan sensory details for a short personal narrative. The story should only be about one moment, not an entire day or an entire event-just the one moment. This is an appropriate time to create a criteria chart with students for the Explode the Moment Graphic Organizer.

Have students refer to previously created organizers to decide appropriate criteria. You can also refer to the "Explode the Moment" Criteria.

Follow-Up Session s Have students use the writing process to create a short narrative that is rich in details and descriptive language.

This can take place during independent writing time, as structured sessions, and as homework. Ask students to write about their ideas in their journals.

Students can refer back to their "Explode the Moment" graphic organizer for ideas of details to include. Have students take short breaks to share with a partner what they are writing; they should discuss how they are adding details to "explode the moment.

Have students reread and clarify their ideas. You might do this by revisiting the graphic organizer to show students how you incorporate details from the organizer as you revise your writing.

explode the moment writing activity 2nd

Focus students on grammar and spelling. Students should first self-edit their writing before submitting the piece for a peer or teacher edit. Have students complete the writing process by writing a final draft of their narratives and sharing their writing with an audience e.

Have students write a paragraph identifying a place in their writing where they "exploded the moment. This paragraph is an assessment showing that students can utilize descriptive language in their writing.

Using the "Explode the Moment" graphic organizer, have students revise the original sentence into an "exploded moment. After this activity, have students reread their own narratives or a buddy's writing and choose a place to add more sensory details.

Use the Interactive Timeline tool in small groups to help students who are struggling to narrow their focus.

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Model how to use the tool and then allow students alone or with a friend to use the timeline to break an event down into smaller moments. Consider having them choose one of the events from their brainstorming in Session 3.

Once the timeline is complete, have students choose one entry from the timeline to elaborate with descriptive writing. Allow students to talk out each sensory detail what they said, thought, felt, heard, did, and saw.

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Have students take a previously published piece of their own writing and choose a moment to revise using the "explode the moment" technique.

Find "explode the moment" examples in movie clips. Then have students write scripts. Have students make a short movie of a dramatic experience for other groups to write about using the "Explode the Moment" graphic organizer.

During computer time, have students research the websites of the authors you have been discussing. A few kid-friendly author sites include:CHAPTER 1. FORMATION OF REGIMENT. After the departure of the First Light Horse Brigade, A.I.F., in September, , it was decided to send another Light Horse Brigade overseas.

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Barry Lane is one of the greatest for teaching about revision! This short video teaches young writers how to explode a moment and really focus in their writing. When I Was Sick Writing Activity--good idea for this time of year "When I was sick" writing project. can't wait to try this with my kids!

Narrative writing- explode a moment. Writer's Workshop for 2nd Grade. Collection by Sherrie Kovach. Follow. Narrative writing- explode a moment anchor chart (picture only) Find this Pin and more on Writer's Workshop for 2nd Grade by Sherrie Kovach.

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explode the moment writing activity 2nd

How I Teach Explode the Moment Writing - Raise the Bar Reading Find this Pin and more on Writing/Language Arts by Stacie Schwartz. Small Moments Writing Activity Authors often use, small moments as inspiration for a story.

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