Himalayan herders reaction

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Himalayan herders reaction

Under Communist Chinese control,Tibetans struggle to maintain their traditions, religions and lifestyles.

Many Tibetans have fled to Northern India and Nepal. The current Dali Lama, thereligious leader of Tibet, lives in exile as well.

He tours the world spreading his Tibetan Buddhist philosophy of peace and love and the need for a free Tibet. Many modern Tibetan authors write of the struggle between the old ways and the new.

Here we have an autobiography of one such struggle. He speaks of his mother's life in 20th Century Tibet.

Haagens, Mabel Hatt

From this excerpt from The Autobiography of Tashi Tsering: Sharp Press,we learn of the Tibetan practice of polyandry. In this practice, a woman must marry two brothers. Let's examine this practice from the son of a polyandrous marriage.

As you read, complete your double-entry journal and note your observations and reactions. Compare this marriage practice to the marriage practice of the Himalayan herders. What are the disadvantages polyandry poses for the woman involved?

Why does the family of the men benefit? What problems might arise from such marriage practices? The lives of modern Tibetan women are changing for both the better and worse. Lifein exile is often harder than before.

Under communist rule, some women enjoy more opportunities. Explore these sites to learn more about women in modern Tibet. Examine this photograph of modern women living in Tibet today under Communist rule. How do you think their lives fare? It is said that "Tibetan women hold up half the sky.It is great to see Himalayan Herders up on YouTube, and great that a villager posted it originally.

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Placed on a wooden stage with . Herders sleep in shifts, taking turns to tend a fire and watch out for snow leopards, wolves and other predators.

The profession, highlighted in the Oscar-nominated film "Himalaya", is risky. Starting Himalayan Hydration required confidence in a way I’d never had to feel in my previous jobs. This company was my own, my idea, my creation Health Products.

Himalayan herders reaction

In the News Evidence Of Alien Visits To Earth, UFO? Blunt Blogger - October 3, The Dropa Stones were first discovered in , when a archaeological expedition led by Chi Pu Tei, stumbled across a cave high in the mountains that border China and Tibet.

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