How to write a news and views article nature of juvenile

Juvenile Crime, Juvenile Justice.

How to write a news and views article nature of juvenile

Most legal systems prescribe specific procedures for dealing with juveniles, such as juvenile detention centers. Youth crime is an aspect of crime which receives great attention from the news media and politicians.

Juvenile Delinquency: Cause and Effect

Crime committed by young people has risen since the mid-twentieth century, as have most types of crime. A Juvenile Delinquent is one who repeatedly commits crime, however these Juvenile Delinquents could most likely have mental disorders, behavioral issues such as schizophrenia, post traumatic stress disorder or bipolar disorder.

It has become apparent even in my generation that the rate of teenage and even younger children becoming juveniles is growing at an alarming rate.

how to write a news and views article nature of juvenile

So much has changed in the past decade, and what has caused families to be torn apart by those who are half our age and have not even graduated high school yet? In my lifetime alone, I have seen the rate of Juvenile Delinquency skyrocket and it continues to threaten all innocent people as they go about their day.

Could it be the families fault that they did not care for the child or pay any attention to the child? Does divorce or separation have an impact on the child's behavior?

And just how much pressure does the child's group of friends have on the child's behavior?

Juvenile Delinquency and Family Structure

Juvenile Delinquency is very real and its happening all around us everyday. But the only question is why? Why are our children going wild? It is a common assumption that children get their behavior from their family and friends.


What many parents don't realize is that from birth, children have a natural attraction to their mom, dad or caregiver. As children grow up, often times it is hard for parents to pay attention to their child. Now days, parents are not even raising their own children.

Instead, parents are putting their children in daycare which doesn't substitute for parental guidance. When parents don't pay enough attention to their child, it basically leaves the child to do whatever he or she pleases and allows them to make friends with whomever they want.

Poor judgment of friends is usually the consequence. Then the next thing the parent realizes is that suddenly their child appears on the cover of the local newspaper for selling drugs or shooting the older man down the street.

Often times the crime committed by the child is not that severe. It may only be an act of vandalism, still and yet, it's a warning sign for the parents.

By definition, parenting is the rearing of a child or children, especially care, love and guidance given which is given by the parent. In conclusion to this article, it is a fact that the lack of parental guidance may lead to the development of defiant behavior in children which might translate to Juvenile Delinquency.

My name is Royce. I hope this article will be of assistance to those parents struggling to raise their children.

I believe that children develop behavioral patterns based on what they've learned in the home. Parents, guide and nurture your child and help them learn the difference between right and wrong. Teach them values and guide them spiritually.It looks like you’re trying to find a page that may have been moved or not longer exists.

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Working with a population of cognitively low-functioning special needs students in grades is often challenging, yet rewarding. By writing this unit on Juvenile Delinquency: Cause and Effect, I want to raise students level of awareness so that at an early age, students can avoid participating in criminal activities.

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(June ) (Learn how and when to remove this template message). Juvenile Crime, Juvenile Justice presents what we know and what we urgently need to find out about contributing factors, ranging from prenatal care, differences in temperament, and family influences to the role of peer relationships, the impact of the school policies toward delinquency, and the broader influences of the neighborhood and.

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