Mummies conclusion

Conclusion Atlantis Bolivia - page 4, conclusion "New opinions often appear first as jokes and fancies, then as blasphemies and treason, then as questions open to discussion, and finally as established truths. Plato was not writing a factual historical document, but a treatise to illustrate how his ideal state with a theoretical Athens could defeat a superior force in time of war. Just like any modern writer, he would probably draw various sources together and polish them up into his final account. Pages one to three of this site demonstrate that the geographic description of Atlantis belongs to South America, particularly Bolivia, the Altiplano, Lake Poopo and the circular formation at Pampa Aullagas.

Mummies conclusion

It was a way of preserving the body for the afterlife. First, the priests in charge of the embalming process removed the brain through the nose. To do this, they used a hooked tool to pull it out in pieces. The brain was considered unimportant and was thrown away after it was removed.

Then, they made an incision in the side of the corpse and removed the intestines and the other organs. The important organs were cleaned and treated with frankincense, myrrh, and palm water. The important organs were the intestines, the liver, the lungs, and the stomach.

The heart was considered to be location of the "ka" or spirit, and was left in the body. The mummified body of Seti the First The body and important organs were then packed in natron.

Natron is made of sodium carbonate, which draws out moisture, sodium bicarbonate, which prevents bacteria, and sodium chloride, and sodium sulfate. The hot, dry climate of Egypt helped dry out the body.

After being packed and covered with natron, the body was left to dry for about forty days. After forty days, the natron was removed and the body was covered in ointments to hide the smell that came from a dead body. The body cavity was next filled with linen soaked in resin to help it keep its shape and wrapped in fine strips of linen.

It was placed in a coffin that was made in the shape of a wrapped human body.


The coffin was usually stored in a stone sarcophagus. The stomach, intestines, liver, and lungs were placed in canopic jars. Imset had a human head and guarded the liver. These jars were put in the tomb next to the body.

The reason the body was mummified was so the wandering spirit of the body, called the "Ba" would recognize it when it returned. Osiris was the Judge of the Underworld.

He is the God of Resurrection. He had been killed by his brother Set, who was the God of Evil. Set chopped him up into seven pieces and hid the pieces all over Egypt.

So he was never completely resurrected and became the Judge of the Underworld. Osiris, the god of resurrection The bodies are also buried with games, food, drinks, and other personal possessions to keep the Ka entertained, as well as magical charms and amulets to keep it safe.

A famous charm is the eye of Horus. Horus was the Son of Osiris, and became the protector of the Nile and the Pharaoh. It was considered a "good luck.

It is still used in many kinds of jewelry today. Ba, Ka, and Ankh http:It may have been in part derived from the Mogollon culture, an older tradition of settled agriculturalists and ceramics producers who flourished from c b.c.

to a.d. in the mountain areas of east central Arizona and west central New Mexico. There is much evidence of trade and cultural interchange between the Mogollon and the Anasazi. Look at the following paragraph: The ancient Egyptians were masters of preserving dead people's bodies by making mummies of them.

Mummies conclusion

Mummies several thousand years old have been discovered nearly intact. Abstract Have you ever seen or heard of the movies The Mummy or The Mummy Returns?Mummies have always played a part in nightmares for Western cultures, but in ancient Egypt, mummification was a serious religious ritual.

Atlantis Bolivia - page 4, conclusion "New opinions often appear first as jokes and fancies, then as blasphemies and treason, then as questions open to discussion, and finally as established truths.". CONCLUSION Angiosperms (flowering plant) include in phylum schwenkreis.comperms are plant that have flowers and fruit.

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Interesting Mummy Facts. A total of about 70 million mummies were made in years! Mummies are made naturally or by embalming.

Mummies conclusion

Natural mummies just become dried out in the sun or buried in the ice or get smoked. Mummies are dead rulers, poor people or animals. It is believed that pharaohs became gods after mummification.

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