The dispute of a jury

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The dispute of a jury

For over 22 years, he has assisted in the formulation, implementation and communication of effective case themes and strategies. In addition to jury trials, Dr. Gallipeau has assisted clients with bench trials, mediations, and arbitrations. She has been a trial consultant since Swain has consulted, performed research, and selected juries in hundreds of federal and state venues throughout the United States, and in Puerto Rico.

Swain's extensive experience includes case evaluation and consultation, jury research, trial strategy assessment, thematic development, venue analysis, witness evaluation and preparation, jury selection, trial monitoring, and post trial juror interviews.

The dispute of a jury

Additionally, she has provided assistance with preparation for bench trials, arbitrations, mediations, and administrative hearings.

Swain has managed trial consulting teams in numerous high profile, complex cases. She has worked for and against many of the best trial lawyers in the United States. Swain has written about and has given educational seminars on a wide variety of topics, including jury selection, opening statements, experts, witness preparation, damage presentations, direct and cross-examination techniques, jury psychology, and research methodology.

Additionally, she has spoken at seminars sponsored by law firms and clients. Swain has authored a book chapter concerning how jurors perceive econometricians, and how econometricians can increase the effectiveness of their testimony.

Her dissertation work focused on juror decision making in complex litigation. Jill Huntley Taylor, Ph. She joined Dispute Dynamics in Huntley Taylor has worked on behalf of her clients in courtrooms throughout the country, alongside some of the best lawyers and law firms.

Her experiences include case theme and strategy development, jury research, assistance with jury selection and voir dire, witness preparation, assistance with opening statements and closing arguments, development of juror profiles, shadow juries, and juror interviews.

She has had key involvement in over cases around the country and in Puerto Rico. That experience is in a wide variety of case types, including: Huntley Taylor is the author of several published articles on the topics of civil jury decision-making, punitive damages, the story model, sexual harassment, the use of trial themes, opening statements, jury selection, wage and hour litigation, and fairness in employment litigation.

Huntley Taylor is a regular presenter at law firm and corporate seminars. She is also an invited speaker at national, state, and local conferences on the topics of jury selection, gender in the courtroom, punitive damages, catastrophic injuries, generation X and Y jurors, opening statements, cross examination, and trial graphics.

She conducted her dissertation research on the application of the story model to civil juror decision-making. Prior to joining Dispute Dynamics, Dr. Hebert was an Adjunct Professor at the University of California, Irvine and California State University, Fullerton, where she taught various courses in legal and cognitive psychology.

Hebert is the author of several articles and conference presentations on jury decision-making, expert testimony, scientific evidence, eyewitness memory, scientific jury selection, elder abuse and neglect, and other topics related to psychology and the law.

Additionally, she has conducted program evaluations for various entities, including programs within the juvenile justice system in Miami-Dade County, Florida, as part of a strategic planning initiative.Jun 15,  · Samsung Electronics Co. was told to pay $ million after a federal jury in Texas said it infringed a patent owned by the licensing arm of a South Korean university.

Samsung pledged to appeal. A jury trial, or trial by jury, is a lawful proceeding in which a jury makes a decision or findings of fact. It is distinguished from a bench trial in which a judge or panel of judges makes all decisions.

post-dispute jury waiver, prior to this case, no Tennessee authority had addressed the validity of pre¬-dispute jury waiver. As such, the enforceability of a pre-dispute jury.

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Attorneys for the Rapides Parish Police Jury and District Attorney will be in Lake Charles in October to argue their positions on their budget dispute involving the DA's pretrial intervention program.

Apr 19,  · (law) A dispute over a material fact upon which the outcome of a legal case may rely, and which therefore must be decided by a judge or jury; a dispute which precludes summary judgment.

The dispute of a jury

Banco De Espana v. Federal Reserve Bank, F.2d , (2d Cir. ): We think there is nothing in these three asserted facts which has a direct. A Coldwell Banker real estate agent at the center of a dispute that went to the California Supreme Court did not breach a fiduciary duty to the buyer of a Malibu mansion, a Superior Court jury.

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